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Swamp XT

Price 0.00$
Size Pack 20.0Mb
Developer HG Fortune
Type / Tags Timbre Modulation Synth - Free Vst Plugins
Image Product / Description
Swamp XT - Timbre Modulation Synthesizer can create unique sounds from clear & harsh metallic sequenced sounds to soft & wide modulated Pads. This is achieved by modulating the timbre on the oscillator level.

Swamp XT features 'Timbre-modulation': It processes each oscillator's waveform in a very unique way by changing (i.e. enriching or limiting) the harmonic spectrum making the sound fatter, wider or narrower, right down to nearly dissolving it to some kind of distorted noise, depending on the input wave.

While the original Swamp had an oscillator routing to balance its output between normal (i.e. direct signal) and timbre modulated signal, which could each be balanced to go to direct out or to filter, this has been simplified in Swamp XT: direct und timbre modulated signal can be balance mixed to one signal and the output of both oscillators can be balance mixed too. While the direct and filtered signal can be balanced at the amplifier stage of Swamp XT.

Swamp XT delivers a wide variety of sounds - including some really strange and weird.

Two digital oscillators running at a time to be selected from: Two PCM wave oscillators powered by 128 different waveforms or, Two additive wavetable generators to create various waves from up to 31 partials, One resonant filter (24db Lowpass), Four ADSR-style envelope generators, X-Torsion, one Spook effect, one Gator (Gater) effect, Four LFO (BPM-synced), One dedicated Pitch LFO (BPM-synced), One Sample & Hold (BPM-synced), One BPM-synced Delay, XY Super-modulation Pad.

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