Sylenth1 - Dubstep_Presets

Price 0.00$ Label. Hymov Loops
Size Pack 540 KB
Sound Sets 62 - Cubase Formats
Type / Tags Hybrid / Analog Synth - Free Vst Patch Pack
62 free presets for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth, it is Dubstep collection created by Ruben Hymov and filled with synth, leads, arpeggiator, slow attack sounds and more.

except Dubstep these soundsets are suited mostly for techno, electronica, house, trance music.

the pack is unique and free to download. please feel free to share this page on your blogs, social networks or publishing this on your sites.

Mp4 demo:
this Synth presets demo Sylenth1 made by the sound designer himself with no external effects for getting a real sound like it 100% from the package except the drums.